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Interview Preparation

At the age of 28 one of our founding members decided to get serious about his career.  He set a goal to become a leader at a Fortune 500 company which was quite a stretch because he was working as a marketing analyst at a private company in a small town in Central Illinois.  He set his sights on becoming an executive at a large company by the time he was forty.  One of the tools he created for his journey was an early version of our interview guide.  Over the next 6 years he worked for 3 different companies, earned multiple promotions and became a Vice President for a Fortune 100 company at the age of 36. 

The team at Interview Advantage has participated in and conducted thousands of interviews over the past 20 years for companies ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies.  As Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents for some of America’s largest companies, we have been trained on the art of interviewing by some of the most respected companies in the world and are excited to share our expertise with you.

We have experienced some of the best and worst interviews throughout these many years and will help you maximize your strengths and avoid the interviewing traps that all companies set for you.  In today’s competitive job market, companies spend a significant amount of time and energy to find the right candidate.  You need every edge you can get. 

Our interview guide will sharpen your skills and help you make the most of every opportunity— guaranteed.

Contact us at scott@interview-advantage.com or call us at 616.536.1474